Canadian Fall Décor Tips & Tricks You Need to Know

Fall in Canada is a dramatic change in colours and temperatures, creating a naturally relaxed and cozy atmosphere. It’s the perfect time to put in a little bit of effort to revitalize your décor to match the new season.

You don’t need to undertake major renovations; a few simple home essentials and added accessories will go a long way in creating the right mood. So keep reading to learn a few tips and tricks to help you renew your décor for fall.

Spruce Up Your Primary Living Space

Where do you spend most of your time? For most, the living room is where family and company spend the bulk of their time.

A few small changes can work wonders for creating that cozy fall atmosphere that defines the season. For example, a small ottoman with storage can introduce a new piece of furniture to the room. Just make sure its colours and design match the rest of the space. Plus, a storage ottoman bench also brings utility to the room by adding new places for books, board games, or blankets.

You don’t need to stop at the living room, however. Adding a fall-themed centrepiece to your kitchen table goes a long way in changing the dining experience.

Don’t Neglect the Porch and Entryway

Something as easy as a fall wreath can work wonders in setting the tone for the rest of your fall décor. Welcome mats with complementary colours and theming can go even further in establishing the right mood. Visitors will be greeted by a seasonal earth-toned palette before they even walk into the home.

And once they do, your entryway can follow up on the established theme. Replacing or adding an earth-toned coat rack stand, for example, enhances the mood while also providing excellent utility.

Create a Cozy Backyard

One reason why fall is many people’s favourite season is that the temperatures in most areas are perfect for relaxing outside. Both summer and winter can have extremes that make indoors more appealing, but fall is made for enjoying your backyard.

Consider new patio furniture or just new throw pillows to create a warm, cozy environment. If you don’t have a fire pit, but there’s a good place for it, use it to enhance the look and feel of the backyard.

There are plenty of creative ways to make your backyard a fun and useful area to spend some time, depending on your yard. For example, you can make grilling outside a regular thing before the weather gets cold by setting up an outdoor dining area.

Crafts, Crafts, Crafts

Fall is a unique season that lends itself naturally to using crafts in your décor. Any project with natural materials can work wonders for changing the space.

There are seemingly endless craft ideas in fall that lend themselves to enhancing your décor. A few craft ideas that can work in a variety of rooms are:

  • A decorated or carved pumpkin
  • A flower arrangement with pinecones and neutrals
  • Pinecones, either decorated or as-is
  • Children's arts and crafts from school or done at home

Explore different craft ideas you can make yourself or with your kids. They can be great activities that end up complementing the rest of your décor.

Change Your Lighting

Lighting is an often-overlooked yet essential component of interior design. Bright white LEDs have their place, but relax your environment for the fall with warm yellows. This inexpensive change can dramatically improve the mood of the room.

You can also go a step further and replace lamps entirely with more welcoming, cozy designs. Maison Concepts carries a wide range of unique lamps that will go far in breathing new life into the space.

Add Complementary Rugs

Rugs make a significant impact on any room, making them a great opportunity to add to your fall décor. You can replace existing rugs or add new rugs to bare floors. Either way you go, looking for options that complement existing furniture and accessories with the right colour palette and designs.

Keep in mind that not all rugs will influence the room in the same way. A rug with a solid neutral colour allows other pieces to make a bigger impact, while a bold rug with an intricate design will become a focal point of the room.

Additionally, plan out other items that will work well with your new rug. For example, a new table lamp that matches the rug can really enhance the mood of the room.

Consider a New Coat of Paint

Paint has a massive influence on the mood and tone of the room, and seasonal décor is a great reason to explore new options.

You won’t likely want to re-paint your interior with every passing season, but fall colours are often neutrals and earth tones that can still set the pace for the rest of the year and beyond. A new paint colour opens the door for entirely new décor opportunities.

From there, you’ll have a whole new world of décor options to consider, provided you’ve made a dramatic change. You can even go a step further and pick out all the décor you’d like before you start painting.

Shop Maison Concepts for Your Fall Décor

Finding the right pieces for your fall décor can be challenging, even if your changes aren’t complex. Choosing the right piece is crucial to any décor, and fall is no exception.

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