Top Holiday Décor Trends for the 2023 Holiday Season

Every year a new holiday season gives you the opportunity to dive into the world of seasonal decorations. There are so many seasonal home décor pieces to choose from — you get to re-imagine your entire home for a few months.

The holiday season has some classic themes that will probably never go away, but that doesn’t mean new trends won’t emerge to give you other options to explore.

There are several new holiday décor trends for 2023 to dive into. Some are small changes to the classics; others are a massive departure from what we’re all used to. So read through our breakdown of these trends as you start decorating for the holidays.

Let Minimalism Take a Break — Go Maximalist

Minimalism has dominated home décor for years, which has also been prevalent in holiday décor trends. However, there’s been a growing movement away from minimalism, with some going all the way to maximalism.

Maximalism involves using bolder colours, more home décor accessories and embracing intricate designs. In the context of the holiday season, this means making your home as merry as possible.

Explore pieces that depart from neutrals and subtle designs for the holidays. There’s no shortage of seasonal décor with unique, fun artistry and eye-catching colours — put them to use throughout your home.

We think minimalism will always have its place in the interior design and home décor world, but we’re seeing more of a return to more exciting and elaborate designs.

Choose a Central Colour

One trend that’s on its way to becoming a classic is choosing a single central colour, then finding décor that contains it. Some examples of colours that are popular this season are:

  • Warm browns
  • Pinks
  • Blues
  • Gold
  • Soft pastels

You’ll notice these colours are a specific hue but more broadly defined colours that allow you to buy new décor containing these colours. Once chosen, your goal becomes finding pieces that prominently contain any hue or shade within the overall family, such as light blue ornaments and dark blue stockings.

Everything from holiday accent mats to dining table centrepieces come in a range of options — you’ll likely find the right piece with your central colour.

Additionally, remember to avoid any other bold colours in your décor that may draw attention away from the central colour. Other colours you use should be more neutral and complementary, letting your bold colours take center stage.

Calming Natural Materials and Tones

The holiday seasons can often be busy, and if you’re going the maximalist route, you’re intentionally leaning into it. However, it’s still worth considering relaxing natural materials and tones with a seasonal twist.

Something we love about the holidays is that fall to winter already gives us natural colours to enjoy. Bringing some of those colours into your home can create a calming environment for you and your loved ones.

There are plenty of décor options that leverage calm, natural tones or materials. For example, you can choose a coir doormat to bring natural materials onto your porch while also giving guests an effective way to wipe snow and mud off their shoes.

Or Go Bright and Festive

Instead of going for calming nature, you can go in the other direction and use bold, bright colours at every opportunity. Find table placements with some eye-catching colours, decorate your tree with popping bolds, and use neutral colours sparingly.

This trend won’t be for everyone, but for many, it’s the exact opposite of other holiday décor trends, and the change of pace might be fun for everyone.

You can decorate your dining room with intricate, brightly coloured chair pads while having a bold centrepiece sets the tone for your meals. Or you can depart from the typical silver tinsel and buy multi-coloured options.

Try Out Non-Traditional Christmas Trees

Everyone loves the classic evergreen Christmas tree, but there are other options that have emerged over the years you might enjoy this season. There are plenty of alternatives to the traditional Christmas tree look, such as:

  • Bare-bones minimal tree: Some designers are using what looks like the skeleton of a tree that makes your ornaments and other decorations the main event. These trees aren’t actually dried-up trees; they’re typically made of plastic, metal, or polished wood.
  • Varying colours: One of the earliest departures from traditional trees in modern history was branching away from green and exploring other colours. Of course, these are made possible with artificial trees, but you can try out some exciting new options while still having an evergreen look and feel. Some popular options are:
    • Blues
    • Reds
    • Pinks
    • Oranges
  • Pinecone trees: You might be able to buy a pinecone tree from some crafty retailers, but it’s also a fun activity you can do with your family. Gather up as many pine cones as you can find and carefully glue them together to form a small to medium-sized tree shape or column.

We know breaking away from the classic evergreen is a significant change, but it can breathe new life into the centrepiece of your living room and set the tone for the rest of your décor.

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We’ve seen how there are several different trends taking shape this year. Some of them are complementary, while others are exact opposites. You have many options to choose from as you start decorating for the holidays. With countless home décor items to choose from, will you dive into maximalism? Or opt for relaxing natural tones? Or perhaps you’ll mix and match these trends to create something entirely new?

Whatever way you choose to decorate your home, we’ve got you covered. Maison Concepts is a leading Canadian home décor retailer, and our hand-picked selection of holiday décor has something for everyone.

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